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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  September 30, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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why some say his death is more significant than the death of bin laden. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco. news of a big arrest overnight. a manhunt that crossed overstate lines is over. >> live look downtown san francisco, the big story weather-wise as we head into the weekend cooler weather and possibility of drizzle tonight into tomorrow and the measurable rain in next week's forecast. >> sue hall monitoring your commute. there is a lot going on today and this weekend that will affect your traffic. full update in a few minutes. it is about 4:31 on this friday morning, thank you for joining us i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. the most dangerous terrorist in the world is dead. u.s. officials confirming the killing of an al-qaeda leader a death considered by some to be more significant than the death of bin laden.
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terry mcsweeney joins us with more. >> reporter: al-awlaki killed this morning in northern yemen. it was an airstrike and u.s. drone aircraft had been patrolling for days. al-awlaki was called the osama bin laden of the internet. i islamic lecturer with a blog, facebook page and many tube videos. he was born in new mexico. he told followers they did not need permission to kill americans, just kill them. some listened. he was tied to the gunman in the fort hood shooting in 29 charged with killing 13. awlaki connected to the attempt to bring down a jetliner over detroit christmas day 2009. here is awlaki from a 2001 "washington post" profile. >> never unstatement the power of fear especially when the enemy of allah hears
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allahu akbar. >> he could talk in an american vernacular. >> reporter: the u.s. has been after al-awlaki for years. the yemeni government announced he had been killed last year, only to admit he was still alive. officials are confirming statements from the government in yemen saying that anwar al-awlaki has been killed. saying a bigger blow to al-qaeda than the killing of bin laden. >> it is 4:32 now. motorcycle club member in custody on charges of killing the leader of a south bay hells angels chapter. the suspect was caught here in san francisco. amy hollyfield is live in the city to tell us more. >> reporter: the chief is very proud that his department is the one who found this guy. because an officer didn't like weigh saw here on follow some street near division. last night a man sitting in his car in a dark spot, acting
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suspiciously. the officer asked for his id, ran his name and realized he had found a man wanted for murder. 53-year-old ernesto gonzalez is suspected of killing the president of the san jose chapter of the hells angels, jeffrey pettigrew, killed a week ago in they have the suspected killer is a member of the vagos motorcycle gang. hells angels headquarters in san jose has been in mourn . members are very upset. police have been worried about retaliation. they've been encouraging gone now he's been arrested and they hope that dill defuse the possibility of violence. he is in jail kating for police officers from sparks, nevada to get here. -- they are on their way. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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on tuesday the east palo alto city council will take up questions raised about the safety of an intersection where a 6-year-old girl was kill in a crosswalk at bay erode and yahweh wednesday morning. -- the young girl, was walking to school with her mother when a drive hit her. another child was hurt april 5th, in the same intersection. a report released last year called the intersection one of the most dangerous in the city. parents and residents want changes made. some suggesting installing pedestrian warning lights. >> i think the flashes will help a lot. they should have the flashes. you see the flashes and you know it is time to stop. slow down, stop. >> police are investigating why the teacher driving the car that hit the girl did not see her in the crosswalk. >> a rally ed this afternoon in san francisco's bay view district where residents
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outraged over the shooting of a little girl calling for the end to violence. 10 days ago the 5-year-old girl was walking home from school with her father. they were caught in the crossfire between two gunmen shooting at each other. the girl was shot in the knee. police have been reviewing video from cameras near the insect in an effort to identify the two shooters. today's rally is set to take place near the shooting scene beginning at 3:00. authorities are trying to determine if a murder suspect at the center of one of the largest manhunts in northern california was wounded in a shootout with deputies. no officers were hit the suspect got away. deputies are assisting in the search for beseler. he is suspected in two murders, including last month's shooting death of a city councilman. investigators released this picture taken by surveillance camera last week.
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they say he was vandalizing a vacation cabin holding a high powered rifle. firefighters continue to douse water on a napa county mansion burning for hours. the home on atlas peak road. construction workers left an hour before the fire starts. they've been working on an addition to the house. the flames igniting half acre of brush and trees around the home. part of the house collapsed. the house belongings to a napa county wine maker. the cause of the fire under investigation. pg&e warning neighbors about natural gas pipeline testing that begins this morning. at 6:00, pg&e will be venting natural gas at 52nd avenue and san lee and degree in oakland for -- san leandro in oakland. at 9:00, intersection of
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edgewood road and highway 280. pg&e conning the tests in response to last except's pipeline explosion. >> you -- last september's pipeline explosion. >> you know why you may be smelling gas. how about a check on the forecast? made it to friday. some of the coolest weather we are going to have in this month as we end september and open october. here's the trough of low pressure. it is drawing near, bringing us southerly surge of marine layer air that's why it is so much cooler this afternoon than yesterday afternoon and the afternoon before that you can see the winds from the south around half moon bay, sfo shooting through oakland up to fairfield, gusting to 36 miles per hour this morning we have cooler weather along the east bay shore into the south bay and east bay valleys,
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san francisco and north bay temperatures warmer than yesterday in the 50s and 60s. multi-layers of clouds outside thanks to the marine layer and that low drawing near partly sunny noon look at these temperatures 60s around the bay to me 70s in the south bay 58 at half moon bay mid to upper 70s in the east bay valleys where we find the warmest weather mid to upper 70s mid 70s in the south bay mid 60s to near 70 around the bay shore upper 60s in the north bay. accuweather 7-day, drizzle tonight into tomorrow morning. tomorrow and sunday temperatures the same. more sunshine sunday chance of rain monday, tuesday better chance wednesday. good morning sue. >> good morning mike. happy friday. first hayward we had an earlier accident i've been following since i got here. it is now cleared out of lanes eastbound 92 just before his peer beyond no significant
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slowing. -- a lot of vents starting today. -- road closures around the park including john f. kennedy drive through sunday. roadwork today caltrans will be sweeping 580 west and eastbound between 9:30 and 2:30 around 238 for a stretch of highway there. >> that restriction around the mosconey center area for oracle. a lot going on, especially if san francisco. car plunges off a road, driver survives for six days before he's rescued. how he managed to keep himself alive. >> million dollar pledge to help out east bay schools. find out how you can help every time you fill up your car. 3q it's something new from air wick
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good morning it is a friday! live look outside, the embark dear row down -- embarcadero area not cloudy. temperatures cooler. we have an extraordinary story of survival from southern california. a man who spent as many as six days in the wilderness was rescued after his car plunged down a ravine in the national forest 50 miles north of downtown los angeles. the family of the 67-year-old man searched for him after they learned he used his debit card at a store near the scene. finally they heard his calls for help. he set up a makeshift camp and survived by eating leaves and drinking water in a creek. they called s who airlifted him to a hospital. another -- another vehicle found nearby but its driver
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did not survive. california public schools struggling with gutted budgets. now one organization is stepping up to help. a commitment chevron is making kids. >>reporter: the second grade class got a few supplies that will enhance their skills. and received a rug to avoid sitting on a hard floor while reading. all supplies that the teacher asked for which chevron delivered. they want to donate more slice. through the fuel your school promotion. >> everyone can participate by going to a local chevron or texaco for every eight gallons or more we will donate a dollar to a local school. >> reporter: chevron will donate up to one million dollars. all teachers had to do was go online to
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>> teachers submit what they need and people like you and me or chevron come onboard and support those projects. >> reporter: with drastic cuts many teachers are in need of basic supplies. chevron will mostly fund projects that have to do with science, technology, engineering and math. every district will benefit from this promotion. the public can track how much is being raised by going to last year the program raised $850,000. leeann melendez, abc7 news. >> if you want to contribute to the program there's a link to their website on our website unsee it on tv. 4:45. coming up the key testimony expected today in the trial of michael jackson's doctor that
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could make or break the prosecution's involuntary manslaughter case against the physician. i have latest on a series of food crises including tainted cantaloupe that can lead to death. new rebellion at uc berkeley. the push to force publishers to lower the prices of textbooks. starting my progresso soup for lunch plan, huh. nope,
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detergent alone doesn't fully dry your dishes. it leaves spots and residue behind. add finish jet-dry and they dry two times better. and they're shiny. that is shiny. high temperatures across the country. chicago near 60 mid to upper 70s along the eastern seaboard 103 phoenix, 74 portland all quiet at our major airports none reporting delays right now. if you are traveling, check out our flight tracker any time you can it is at the bottom. 4:48. in los angeles, paramedics who
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responded to michael jackson's mansion the day he died are expected to testify today at the trial of dr. murray. jackson's bodyguard alberto alvarez was on the stand yesterday. murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter. he says the doctor ordered him to call 911 the day jackson died. he told the jury the doctor asked him to get rid of drug vials in the singer's bedroom before paramedics arrived. >> reached over and grabbed a hand full of vials. he reached out to me and said put these in a bag. -- >> then alvarez said dr. murray pointed to the i.v. bag and asked that it too be put away. inside that bag was a bottle dripping milky white lucky. prosecutors argue murray gave jackson a fatal does of the powerful sedative. >> beware bags of chopped romaine lettuce, ground beef
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and more that colorado cantaloupe. medical and legal advisers say you need to staton on top of specific recall information. >> reporter: the attorney rep agents more than a $sick from eating cantlope one food crisis in a state -- that recalls beef, lettuce and tomatoes that is everything in the a burger but the bread. the most frightening is listeria in cantaloupe, killing 13ed deadliest food crisis in the -- united states in more than 10 years. it is believe it came from jensen harms in holly, colorado shipped from july 29th, through september 10th. they told us they ship more than a million and a half cantaloupe to dozens of states. it can take two months before you feel the symptoms. fever and muscle aches. antibiotic treat you, without the treatment the i willless can leave victims
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incapacitated and unable to speak. -- the usda is facing a 3.4% cut in funding for meat inspections next year, fda taking a 10% bite. john hendron, abc7 news. who are those men in dark suits in aisle 2? the secret service. a news photographer happened to notice the first lady doing some impromptu shopping at a target in virginia. she was wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap, pushing her own cap. she paid at the check-out stan. can only imagine folks surprised. her communications director says it is not uncommon for the first lady to slip out and runner rans. >> previous presidents they -- they don't carry cash. but this white house seems to. >> what are we shopping for
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today? >> who is buying? >> clouds, wind, unless you want to save yourself from -- rain, monday, tuesday, more likely wednesday. you will have to shuffle the wardrobe a little. probably don't need the shorts, fall back in the forecast. we are in the 50s -- loss school loss loss scott toes -- highlights, more clouds today and a cooler breeze. cloudy, drizzle possible chance of rain, best early next week. today, dropping again, not as dramatically as yesterday, some areas dropped 20° yesterday compared to wednesday. 3 to 7 is what we have, fremont, oakland, san francisco. concord about 7. let's look at what is going on
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a here low just rolling towards california. that is increasing the sea breeze today. it is also the triggering mechanism for the drizzle tonight into tomorrow morning. only antioch and brentwood 80 everybody else mid to upper 70s. east bay shore richmond, berkeley, oakland mid to upper 60s everybody else low to mid 70s in the south bay mid to upper 70s 76 san jose low to mid 70s on the peninsula redwood city palo alto 74 low to mid 60s mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito clouds more likely your beaches 59 bow bay bay inland more -- sun low to mid 70s. monterey bay sunny, mid to upper 60s.
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traveling the state today, mid 80s around sacramento and chico partly cloudy stray shower possible in tahoe more likely dry and 76. l.a. 79, palm springs about 103. tonight tkhreuz , more wide spre, a lot of green -- temperatures in the 50s. the same set-up over the pacific ocean. look at all those areas of low pressure coming our way and ready to rain chance of rain monday, tuesday wednesday we have our best chance of measurable rain and our coolest afternoon. have a great day. downtown san francisco, the oracle convention coming to mosconey center it is here. road closures in the area, how war between they are and 4th, closed now -- through next week clouds and delays anywhere around mosconey
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center limited parking. any affected in this -- area 12 follow some and 14 mission all affected. live shot of walnut creek southbound 680 various closures for overnight roadwork picked up. for the latest. thanks for that reminder on oracle. days after a controversial bake sale was held, a proposed change to make race-based admissions come back. the uc police department reports the number of hate crimes jumped last year. 18 reports of biased motivated violence and vandalism last year up from three incidents in 2009. officials say 10 reports involved religious bias including six where swastikas with etched around the
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university. one case involved homophobic verbal slurs resulted in an arrest. vacaville district defending a teacher who disciplined his class after students sneezed in a health class at will c. wood high. the teacher steven cuckovich imposed a no-talking rule and deducted 25 points from everyone's grade. they say students were purposely sneezing and responding in repetitive fashion. ask any student or parent will tell you the price of textbooks don't seem to stop climbing. uc berkeley latest stop on textbook rebellion. the petitions demand affordable textbooks. parents say prices increased
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22% over the last four years. >> they keep sending out different editions of the same book just to put out new books and the used books are no longer good. >> the association of american publishers says it is working to provide students with less expensive course material options. one idea catching on, textbook rental. >> there are companies that do that. 4:56. >> he's been call the world's most wanted terrorist. the latest on the death of a u.s.-born al-qaeda cleric. why officials say his death may be more important than bin laden's. >> reporter: a police officer didn't like weigh saw last night he asked a few questions and ended up making -- making a huge arrest. i'll have the details, coming up. who cut off the top of trees outside of san francisco banks?
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an i-team investigation coming up. tttttttt?t?tñ/ñ/ñ/ñ/i
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they are calling him the bin laden of the internet. in morning he's dead. anwar awlaki killed in yemen. i'll have the storof


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